Septic Holding Tanks

Septic Holding Tank Rentals

We are a full-service rental company offering affordable septic holding tank rental solutions to clients across West Texas. Our waste holding tanks are made of high-quality materials and designed to perform in pristine working order for years. Their uses involve storing:

  • Toilet waste
  • Gray shower water
  • Food waste etc.

Our septic holding tanks are an ideal solution for temporary housing. As you move to a new job site, our service team will shift the waste holding tank to your new location.  We accomplish every move carefully to ensure that the holding tanks are fully functional at your new job site.

Why Choose Us

If you are in the market to rent a portable septic holding tank from a trusted service provider, then look no further but us. We are the leading waste holding tank rental company in Monahans, Mentone, Pecos and Midland and we are fully committed to providing the highest quality portable septic tanks at reasonable rates. We have years of experience serving clients and never left any of them unsatisfied. 

Every member of our customer service and delivery team is well trained and experienced. We thoroughly check the background of each member before sending them to any job site. They are friendly and dependable. Our prices are affordable, the service team is reliable, and septic holding tanks do the job right. You can always count on R & R Equipment Rentals to avail top class septic holding tank rental services. Get in touch with us to know your options.