Trusted Rental Solutions for Commercial, Residential, &
Government Events

Oil and Gas

R & R Equipment Rentals is a full-service rental company specializing in renting portable toilets, dumpsters, trash trailers, light towers, etc., to different industries, including oil and gas. We have years of experience renting portable toilets to oil and gas sites. Having portable toilets on your site means shorter breaks and less time traveling from one place to another. We help owners to boost productivity by providing them portable toilet rental solutions. It also prevents prolonged disruption of the workflow, which is essential to maintain momentum. You can also rent trailers, hand wash stations,  dumpsters, septic holding tanks, and other items from us for your oil and gas sites.


Government agencies don’t just trust anyone when looking for a supplier. Luckily, they found potential in R & R Equipment Rentals and partnered with us several times to address their rental needs. They often rent portable toilets, septic holding tanks, dumpsters, and other items from us for those projects that are located in remote areas. We have also provided light tower rental solutions for several government projects and events. Government agencies have faith in us because of our 40 years of experience and reputation. If they can trust in us, you can also do the same. 

Sport Events

Outdoor sport event organizers must arrange all the required facilities to make the event more convenient for participants and guests. You can rent portable hand wash stations and portable toilets to meet people’s sanitary needs. You should consider renting at least one portable toilet for every 10 participants and one hand wash station for every five portable toilets.


Organizing an outdoor event is not all about finding the perfect pace, the key to a successful event is to provide your guest not only with a great event, but also providing them a nice clean, high-quality portable toilets to meet their sanitary needs. The leading party organizers in TX count on R & R Equipment Rentals to rent portable toilets, hand wash stations and light towers. Contact us now to learn more about our rental solutions. Let us make your party fabulous.


Are you planning a cookout with your friends and family? Then you must consult with us to make your event stand out. R & R Equipment Rentals is one of the highest-rated rental companies offering comprehensive rental solutions to clients across Midland, Odessa, Fort Stockton,  etc. From portable toilets to dumpsters, R & R Equipment Rentals can help make your cookout events awesome. Call us now for pricing information and options available.


Are you organizing an outdoor concert? Then you must ensure the safety and comfort of the artists and guests to make it a successful event.  R & R Equipment Rentals can help you in this by providing you a full range of rental solutions. At first, we will recommend you rent light towers if the concert takes place at night. Our light towers are energy efficient, and therefore their operating costs are also low. You must also consider renting portable toilets, , hand wash stations, and even dumpsters. 


Renting the right equipment can make any event successful. You may think that you don’t need portable toilets in the festival area, but it may cause significant guest loss. Any festival is only as good as the number of people in attendance. However, if they leave the area looking for a bathroom, you can almost guarantee they won’t be coming back. You can keep people at the festival by renting portable toilets for them. You can also rent hand wash stations and light towers from us to arrange late-night festivals.